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Total Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery removes damaged or diseased parts of a hip joint and replaces them with a new prosthetic to improve movement, relieve pain and improves the hip’s function. Hip replacement can reduce or eliminate pain, allow easier movement and get you back to normal life.

If you suffer chronic hip pain that limits participating in daily activities and you have tried all other methods for eliminating the pain—physical therapy, lifestyle changes and pain medication—you may be a candidate for total hip replacement. More than 285,000 people had their hips replaced last year, making it a commonly performed procedure in the U.S.

There are many different types of hip reconstruction implants. Your surgeon will choose the implant that is best for you based on lifestyle, activity level and body type.

Recovery time varies by person, but most people use a walker or other ambulation device for about four weeks. Our goal--through early mobility and other strategies—is to get you back to enjoying your life as soon as possible!