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Computed Tomography (CT)

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Paradise Valley Hospital’s recently upgraded its computed tomography (CT) imaging system – a tool that is renowned for its ability to detect the earliest signs of cancer, heart disease, stroke and other life-threatening disease.

The 64-slice CT system enables doctors to capture three-dimensional images of the anatomy, including a beating heart, in about half the time required by other CT systems. This technology can be used for preventative diagnosis, the cardiac Triple Rule-Out as well as being able to detect stroke, embolism, internal organ cancers – even before a patient has symptoms. It’s less invasive, faster, and allows for more accurate diagnosis and more precise imaging. Its ability to scan at a faster rate means a reduction in radiation exposure to the patient as well as clearer images for the physician.

A recent study showed that 92% of the patient population could have their heart scanned with GE’s Lightspeed VCT since it required patients to hold their breath for only five heartbeats. In comparison, a mere 10% of patients could be scanned with the 10-beat or 32-slice cardiac system. This technology can also provide a non-invasive diagnosis, which can be very important for patients, like those being screened for colon cancer, offering an alternative and less-invasive 64-slice "colonography" rather than the more invasive colonoscopy.

For more information on the 64-slice CT scanner, please call the imaging team at 619-472-4500.