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Dr. Reddy in Conversation with The Advisory Board's Managing Director, Eric Larsen
Jul 18, 2016
We are pleased to share this Q & A featuring Dr. Reddy and Prime Healthcare and the Managing Director of the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is a prestigious healthcare advisory organization located on three continents, and their Daily ...
Paradise Valley Nationally Recognized for Low Rate of Serious Complications
May 18, 2016
Paradise Valley Hospital was recognized for being one of 49 hospitals nationally to have the lowest proportion of serious medical errors per hospital discharge, according to Becker’s Infection Control & Clinical Quality (April 12, 2016). ...
Paradise Valley Responds to California Healthline/U-T Article
May 17, 2016
In response to the California Healthline article (which was reprinted in the U-T), the following are clarifications and responses provided to the reporter that were not included or barely referenced. Equally important, we want to reassure you that ...
SDSU Student's Remarkable Journey After Life-Changing Surgery
Apr 28, 2016
If she hadn’t decided to move to San Diego, she may not have been diagnosed As a young girl, Kristen Snyder loved to spend her free time rock-climbing, playing basketball and ice skating—all the markers of a happy, healthy childhood. Yet, ...